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Specialists in durable and ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures and electronic water management

Looking for plumbing fixtures and electronic water management solutions that can function in the most challenging settings? We started off making fixtures for jails and prisons, then applied that knowledge to other industries such as hospitals, parks & recreation, and schools. Our fixtures and water management systems are Willoughby-tough and purpose-built for their environment! From sinks and lavatories to ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures for behavioral healthcare facilites, we can help with fixtures for the most extreme environments.

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Willoughby Renews ASPE Affiliate Sponsorship
Willoughby Renews ASPE Affiliate Sponsorship

Willoughby is proud to announce that we have reaffirmed our support of the plumbing engineering industry by renewing as an ASPE Affiliate Sponsor for 2022. It was an easy decision on Willoughby's part as ASPE’s Affiliate Sponsors are comprised of a crucial group of...

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A full line of ligature-resistant fixtures

Is your firm involved in the design and specification of behavioral, mental health, or psychiatric-type facilities? If so, Willoughby has a full offering of aesthetically pleasing, durable ligature-resistant plumbing products.


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Willoughby Industries’ products are sold through a network of independent representatives. These valued partners include:

Crafting quality since 1947

We manufacture a full product line of stainless steel and solid surface high use and high abuse fixtures for the commercial, security, recreation,  healthcare, and behavioral healthcare markets.